Measuring Change with the Manitoba Institute for Patient Safety

March 3, 2020

It’s March, which is fiscal year end for many of the non-profits we work with. Wrapping up many of my projects has me reflecting on this past year and all the great organizations I had the chance to work with.

While I love long-term projects where I get to see a program evolve over time, there is something so satisfying about helping an organization with a quick and effective solution to a particular issue. One organization that stands out to me is the Manitoba Institute for Patient Safety (MIPS). MIPS promotes patient safety and works to make it safe to ask questions and engage in our healthcare. In December 2019 they reached out to us for support in developing a tool to evaluate the effectiveness of their workshops. They needed a tool that was effective at measuring change but short, simple, and user-friendly. It was important to them that the tool be in plain language and accessible to the wide variety of folks they provide training to.

We worked with the MIPS team to develop a retrospective pre-post survey. This type of survey is well-suited to workshops and short interventions that aim to shift participant knowledge, attitudes or behavior.

Here’s a snapshot of what it looks like:

We know that staff at MIPS are busy delivering workshops and connecting with folks in the community. Data analysis can be a time-consuming effort, so we developed an Excel database that automatically analyzes their data as soon as it’s entered.

The tool you created…has been very valuable in evaluating the impact of the presentations we do [and] is paramount to measuring outcomes.


It was great working with you, MIPS!


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Planning and Evaluation Facilitator