Data Cleaning and Management

April 2, 2020


Have you ever wondered what to do with the data you collect or wished you had better data? Do you have paper surveys, spreadsheets and databases that don’t connect with each other?

We can work with you to develop a system that makes reporting and decision-making easier, including:


  1. Data Cleaning – We can check for missing values and outliers, fix improper cases (lIKE tHIS) and ensure your data doesn’t have any spelling errors – common in manual entry spreadsheets.


  1. Data Directory and Data Dictionary – Turnover is a reality and when the person that handles data entry leaves unexpectedly, it can be messy if you don’t have things documented. We can help you develop consistent ways to save data and create data dictionaries with detailed descriptions of variables included in a dataset.


  1. Data Entry Forms – No matter how careful we are, manually entering data into a spreadsheet can lead to errors – especially if you have a large data set. We will work with you to standardize data entry and develop online entry forms in a program you’re already using (think Google Sheets, Microsoft Excel or Microsoft Access).


  1. Data Analysis and Visualizations – Some organizations prefer the “hands-off approach” and want data summarized in a roll-up of key statistics and visuals. We can summarize your data in an accessible and visually appealing way.


If your organization has questions about data entry, cleaning, management or analysis, reach out – we’d love to help!


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Planning and Evaluation Facilitator