Engagement: A Key Workshop Ingredient

November 30, 2020

Early in 2020 we started Learning4Impact, our workshop series to build planning and evaluation know-how in the non-profit sector. We began with 90 minute in-person workshops, then switched to virtual webinars. We all learned to (mostly) unmute ourselves.


For sure, virtual workshop learning is different. But some things don’t change; like you, I want to be engaged and learn new ideas I can take back to my work.


Otherwise, I could do something else. Like walk my dog. Or watch paint dry.


Seems I’m not alone. Over the past year’s workshops, we saw:

  • you value hearing from others in discussion break outs, and learning through hands-on activities
  • interactive virtual tools – whether colourful (I’m looking at you, Stormboard) or simple (helloooo, GoogleDocs) – spark conversation and get people talking
  • templates and practical tools help you apply what you learned
  • you welcome learning remotely and connecting with other Manitobans (wearing sweat pants)
  • no one really cares about our zoom backgrounds


As we plan our 2021 workshops, we’re excited to keep you engaged, whether it’s on screen or in person.


Here’s what one participant had to say:

“I would highly recommend Health in Common webinars and often do when I am connecting with others in my industry field. I have NEVER regretted taking a webinar with Health in Common, I always leave feeling appreciated and that it was time well spent.”

Lesley Gaudry, Project Coordinator, CDEM


Interested to join a workshop? Check out our calendar, starting January.

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Planning and Evaluation Facilitator