Home for the Holidays

December 11, 2020

HiC Team Round-up


Whew, pat yourself on the back because we’ve made it to the end of 2020. It may feel like it was just March…or maybe that we’ve been endlessly stuck in an alternate reality, but it’s December and nine (!) whole months have gone by.

In a year that’s involved so many adjustments, our team is reimagining what it means to be home for the holidays with new traditions and ways to connect.



In the past, you would have had to drag me out of my house, kicking and screaming, to spend longer than 30 minutes outside during a Winnipeg winter. This year, I’m ready to embrace the cold! I’m looking forward to backyard bonfires (Festival du Voyageur at home, anyone?), scouting out the best Christmas light displays in my neighbourhood, and pretty much living at Birds Hill Park with my dog, Odin.

Sara, Research and Communication Support



In a normal December, I’d be gearing up for social activities, Christmas parties and delicious food. To create holiday excitement and support the culinary industry (while also getting my holiday food fix), I wrote a list of 10 local restaurants I want to try before 2021. Twice a week, I draw out of a hat, order a few dishes and pick-up directly from the restaurant so I can thank them in person. It feels good to support local and brings the added benefit of experiencing new food—without all the preparation and clean-up!

Andrew, Planning and Evaluation Facilitator



December is one of the few times of year when my entire extended family, near and far, gets together to celebrate. But this year we’re finding different ways to stay connected. I’m talking Zoom dinner parties, mailing Christmas cards, and dropping off homemade cookies on our loved one’s doorsteps. My 2-year-old has become such a pro at FaceTime that she even likes to call her Nana to share a scream while tobogganing down the big hills!

Cassie, Planning and Evaluation Facilitator


Instead of dashing to and fro in my holiday sweater best, I’m going to catch up with friends here and far away. I’ll dig up a few of those un-replied emails, pick up the phone old school, and video bomb a few others. I love to reconnect over the holidays, but this year it feels extra important. I can’t wait to hear the voices of old friends, and hear what’s on tap for 2021. And no doubt there will be dog walks aplenty and winter biking galore.

Erin, Planning and Evaluation Facilitator



While I’m missing spending time with family and friends, I am absolutely not missing the rush and madness of Christmas shopping. So this year, I was happy to discover the many opportunities to support local and have my shopping done for me! Places like Good Local, U.N. Luggage, Black Market Provisions and Toad Hall Toys have helped with choosing, packaging and delivering right to my car or home. I’m excited to imagine I may never have to do any in-person Christmas shopping ever again.

Bohdanna, Director of Evaluation



Well, it would seem some things never change – not even in a pandemic. Christmas is just a few weeks away and my shopping has barely moved past the ‘occasionally thinking about it’ stage. If you ask me how I’m feeling about Christmas, depending on the time of day, my response ranges from welcoming what I hope is a once in a lifetime opportunity to just settle in at home and feel no pressure to do the Christmas circuit, and wanting to curl up in bed and have somebody wake me when its over. Thankfully my 2 year-old grandson lives with me, so mostly we just sing ‘Oh Christmas Tree’ and move the decorations around on the tree…over and over and over again. 🙂

Cathy, Executive Director


However you plan on reimagining the holidays, stay safe and we’ll see you in 2021!



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The HiC Team