Tell your Story with Engaging Reporting

July 6, 2020

Have you ever been asked to take a “quick” look at an evaluation report before a meeting? There you are, reading p.25 of sized 12 Times New Roman font … eyes slowly closing … only 5 more pages to go…

Don’t get me wrong, that long report has value. Maybe it provides a comprehensive review of a program evaluation and its findings – sharing detail on methods, evidence and recommendations – this is important stuff! Someone with insider knowledge of the program, like a director, coordinator or evaluator, might be truly excited to read this report from front to back. However, many readers simply don’t have the time or energy to digest a 30-page report.

So, how do we quickly and effectively tell our story and share findings with folks? Clients, community members, program staff or stakeholders?

As a general best practice, we strive to keep our reports relatively short, concise and engaging, yet thorough – no matter the audience. We also offer a variety of alternative ways for organizations to communicate their findings and tell their story. I’m talking infographics, dashboards and 1-page summaries.

Here’s an example of a 1-pager – a visually appealing, quick and informative summary sheet where we document key messages about your program:

One-pagers are a great way to quickly communicate findings and can act as a stand-alone document or as a way to supplement a longer report or dataset. Want to learn more about how we can help you tell your organization’s story? Reach out to us at

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Planning and Evaluation Facilitator