What is an Evaluation Framework and why does my program need one?

February 1, 2021

You’ve decided you’re going to evaluate your program. I may be biased, but that’s a great idea!  Program evaluation helps us tell the story of our work, document impact, and identify areas for improvement. If you’re not already comfortable with evaluation, you might be asking yourself, what’s the next step?


At HiC, one of the first steps we take with clients to support program evaluation is developing an evaluation framework.


What is it?

Basically, an evaluation framework is a roadmap for telling the story of your program. Often developed in an Excel file, it includes components like:


  • Evaluation Questions
    What do you want to know about your program? What’s most important to share with your stakeholders?


  • Indicators
    How will you answer your evaluation questions? How will you measure success?


  • Data sources and analysis
    Where will you get the information? (e.g., administrative data or surveys) Who’s going to collect it? Who will be responsible for summarizing it and reporting on it?


  • Timelines
    When will data collection happen? Analysis? When are your reports due?


Why should I have an evaluation framework for my programs?

Evaluation frameworks help hold us accountable and track our progress. It’s a touchstone for us to come back to. It ensures we are collecting what we need, when we need, so that when reporting time rolls around we can effectively tell our story.


Want to learn more?

Join us at the Learning 4 Impact Develop a Program Evaluation Framework workshop!


We’d love to help you develop your program’s evaluation framework. Reach out, contact@healthincommon.ca.

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