Plan. Learn. Adapt.

As non-profit leaders, you are responsible for creating a culture of planning and evaluation; managing change, developing a shared direction, aligning efforts, and ensuring your organization has the capacity to work with data.


Leading4Impact Lab is a co-learning opportunity designed to increase Executive and Program Directors’ comfort, knowledge and skills for implementing and guiding planning and evaluation processes.


Leading4Impact provides customized support to help you:

  • manage change
  • strengthen planning and evaluation practices
  • increase effectiveness of internal learning and reporting processes
  • engage others in planning and evaluation
  • clarify impact and tell your story with data


What to Expect

With facilitation and coaching grounded in non-profit experience, you will be part of a leadership cohort for nine months. In addition to shared learning opportunities, you will implement a planning or evaluation process or project through a change management lens.

In-person Retreat 2 ½ days
30-40 hours customized coaching
In-person Retreat 2 ½ days
In-person and online co-learning

Cohort Feedback

Why did you join Leading4Impact?

Skill development

I expect to learn some new skills, as well as augment some existing skills in strategic priority setting, planning, change management, evaluation, and engagement with key stakeholders.

Align priorities

I have a reasonable sense of how to evaluate and planning, but I still struggle with how to align multiple sources of priorities into one set that covers all the bases.

Build your network

To learn from and share with other participants, approaches that have been effective to improve how existing data is collected and used more effectively to meet the changing demands of the community we serve and the needs of the organization and funders. ”

Demonstrate impact

Effective story telling & sharing social impacts with various stakeholders (funders, donors, the community as a whole).

How was the retreat?

It's possible to change our culture of evaluation - I now have a strategy to do that.

The [Retreat] content was at the perfect level - not so unfamiliar that it left anyone behind, new enough to get the juices flowing - it almost felt like a 2-day energizer to then identify a problem and get to tackling it.

A great experience to get away and focus on specific evaluation planning skills that will support your work. Very supportive / relaxed learning environment.

Great opportunity to connect with other leaders. Validation that we're moving in the right direction and provides tools to assist with areas where there are gaps - i.e., linking operation plan to strat plan.


  • PDFs in development – stay tuned!

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