Organizations need data to support program planning, delivery and reporting. Many agencies struggle with multiple systems and tools that make it difficult to effectively gather, use and report data on a regular basis. The following provides an overview of various systems and approaches for managing data.

Before deciding on a system, ask yourself the following:

  • Why are you seeking a new data management system?
  • What is your organization’s technological capacity and readiness to adopt a new system?
  • What are your reporting needs?
  • What are your data needs and workflow?
  • What is your budget and capacity to manage and maintain a new system?

Health in Common can help by:

  • Working with you to understand your data and reporting needs
  • Mapping your current workflow and data collection processes
  • Helping select a system
  • Working with your team to optimize internal systems using Excel or Access
  • Working with potential vendors to customize external tools and applications

Data management options

We have experience working with Excel, Google Sheets, Microsoft Access, custom databases and existing software solutions. We can help you find the right data system for your organization – contact us to learn more.

A toolkit to help find the right data system for your organization: