We engage stakeholders to assess the current context, clarify direction, identify strategic priorities and outline a plan to achieve goals and objectives.

We know that different language can be used to talk about the components of strategic and operational plans. While consistent language for Vision, Mission, Values, Guiding Principles, Goals and Objectives, and Strategic Priorities is provided as a starting point, Health in Common will adapt to align with your organizational culture and language.


Simple, inspiring statement of the possible future or shared ‘dream’ of what it would look like if your mission was achieved.


Short statement that describes the purpose of your organization; provides direction and guides your day-to-day work.


Fundamental or core beliefs that are reflected in your work (e.g., consistent, fun-loving, passionate); not specific to type of work.

Guiding Principles

Principles that guide actions and how you do the work of your organization (e.g., harm reduction, inter-sectoral, evidence based).


Identifies what you want to achieve or accomplish with your work.


Identifies what you want to change or have happen to achieve your goal(s).

Strategic Priorities

Statements identifying areas of emphasis or critical issues related to organizational effectiveness; including how you will know if the areas are being addressed (benchmarks).


Operational Plan (with activities, timelines, roles and resources)

Provides a clear picture of how the goals and objectives, identified in the strategic plan, will be achieved – identifies what you will do.